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Informing the siting of offshore renewable energy (Block Island, Rhode Island, USA)

Exploring offshore wind energy tradeoffs.

Project summary

Solar Energy Science Project Topics What Are Pv Panels We explored how siting the first-in-the-nation offshore wind energy farm might impact views from along the coastline. We developed an approach for deriving visibility maps based on the location and duration of viewing by residents and visitors. We illuminated tradeoffs by comparing these visibility maps to wind energy value maps.

Sustainable Development Plan for the Caracol-Mountain Pine Ridge-Chiquibul Complex, Belize

Socomec Ups Circuit Diagram

Jeep Steering Wheel Diagram Developed an ecosystem-based, sustainable management plan for a key biodiversity region in the west of Belize, in collaboration with the Inter-American Development Bank, the Economic Development Council of the Government of Belize, the University of Belize, and local communities.

Fishing, Infrastructure, and Hazard Mitigation, New England, USA

1995 Honda Civic Alarm Wiring Working to (i) map and quantify risks to habitat and ecosystem services from various activities in the Northwest Atlantic; (ii) proactively incorporate visibility considerations into wind farms and other large infrastructure siting and development projects, and (iii) quantify the specific communities (people and ports) affected by changes in fishing patterns driven by climate and management. Collaborators: US Federal government, New England state and regional leaders.


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