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Derric Pennington

Lead Scientist at WWF, Natural Capital and Valuing Nature
Derric Pennington is a Senior Conservation Scientist working with WWF and The Natural Capital Project. He seeks to help improve understanding on how to meaningfully integrate conservation goals, for both people and species, into larger policy decisions. His research interests include evaluating the tradeoffs of land-use change on biodiversity conservation, ecosystem services and human well-being. He works with WWF staff and external collaborators to aid our understanding of when, where, and how conservation actions can benefit both biodiversity and people. His work identifies the trade-offs informed by this science and how this information is best integrated into development and management policy decisions. He is also interested in research that expands the conservation discussion beyond protected areas to consider the places where people live, work, and play including urban and rural landscapes. He evaluates how conservation goals, when considered more holistically, can enhance the implementation of conservation initiatives. His work has focused primarily on the US, South America and Southeast Asia. Most recently he has led several collaborative multi-disciplinary research projects, including one with The Coca-Cola Company and the Luc Hoffman Institute to assess just how effective sustainability certification standards are at improving our environmental footprint taking a multi-scale approach. His work has been published in a variety of academic journals, including those focused on conservation, ecology, economics and interdisciplinary topics.